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Mozart meets Bruckner - Death and Resurrection

Mozart's Requiem is a choral masterpiece composed in 1791 during the final year of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's life, left incomplete at his death. It is renowned for its profound and hauntingly beautiful composition, reflecting the genius of Mozart and is a testament to his unparalleled skill in blending emotion and musical complexity. The piece holds great historical and cultural significance as it symbolizes the culmination of Mozart's career and remains a celebrated and iconic work in the choral and classical music repertoire, inspiring countless musicians and audiences worldwide.

Karlskirche - © Diego Delso

From October 17 - 20, 2024 you have the chance to rehearse together with all participants and conductor Christoph Ehrenfellner in Vienna. 
The concert will take place on the 19th of October in the famous church St. Charles (Karlskirche)

We offer choirs and individual singers the possibility to participate in this wonderful event in Vienna.
Photograph: © Diego Delso

The following pieces will be performed:

Ave Maria, WAB 6 – Anton Bruckner

Locus iste, WAB 23 – Anton Bruckner

Requiem in D minor, K. 626 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


In 2024 Anton Bruckner would celebrate his 200th birthday. Therefore we thought it would be nice to enable a short meeting of W. A. Mozart and Anton Bruckner.

Mozart and Bruckner are two Austrian composers who are not only separated by almost an entire century; they are also two very different personalities: one is an eccentric bon vivant who does not care about conventions, the other is a deeply religious man who lives in humble love of God, almost like a monk.
As great as the difference between the two was, the works performed together in this project are nevertheless enormous.

So you can look forward to a musical experience with quite exciting contrasts.


Christoph Ehrenfellner - conductor

Christoph Ehrenfellner

"My great-grandfather was an organist, a village school teacher - and thus also music band director - in Pregarten in Upper Austria. My mother was an organist and choir director in Henndorf near Salzburg. Therefore at the age of 5 I was already singing Bruckner's motets and the sacred music of Mozart in the choir and as a member of the Viennese Boys Choir in the Vienna Hofburg Chapel this bonds deepened. Although my horizons have broadened considerably as a successful opera composer and symphonist, the nucleus of my creativity - let us say the sublimity of musical thinking and feeling - has always been in sacred music - and above all in the two Viennese composers from Salzburg and Linz, whose traces I faithfully follow: Mozart and Bruckner."